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Nevşehir At A Glance

Nev?ehir is one of the major cities of Cappadoccia Region and displays a magnificant combination of history and nature. Besides agricultural production, Nev?ehir shows a rapid growth by having the geothermal energy sources, pumice stone mine and natural underground storages.

Nev?ehir became a province in 1954 and according to 2012 numbers, the city has a population of 284.025 and an area of 5,467 sequare km. The city also has population density of 53 person per sequare km, average population growth of 8.2 per thousand and literate rate %91,95 . Nev?ehir takes place in 34th city in terms of socio-economic development level in Turkey. There are two universities in province and one of them Nev?ehir University, which has more than 500 faculty members in 7 faculties, 1 collage, 2 institutes, 7 vocational schools and 4 research facilities with a total enrollment of 10.000 students.

Nev?ehir plays an active role in highway transportation in Turkey by taking place an intersection of North-South and East-West highways. Also carried out Ankara-Nigde highway project will help to increase the transportation facilities in the city. In addition to transportation options, Nev?ehir Kapadokya Airport, capacity of 700.000 people per year, in Gül?ehir town is approximately 30 km away from the city center.