Brief About NCCI

Agriculture: Agriculture sector in Nevşehir is a strong contributor to the GDP of the region. Besides geothermal greenhouses and egg production, potatoes, pumpkin seeds and grapes also help improving economy. Nevşehir fulfills 26,27 percent of Turkey’s total pumpkin seeds production which is about 5.772 tons per year.



Tourism:  Tourism is one of the most dynamic and fastest developing sectors in Nevşehir. Cappadocia is the place where you can find the best combination of history, cultural features  and scenic beauty. The Göreme National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Also Underground cities, Churches and Valleys are other places that add value to the economy of region. Pottery, balloon tours and thermal and health facilities make this area a popular tourist destination. In 2012 Nevsehir hosted about 3 million tourists from Japon, France, Germany, Spain, etc. and the number of tourists who visited the city are rapidly increasing every year.


Industry: Besides food and beverage sectors, construction, textile, mining and metal industries are other important components of industry in Nevşehir. Turkey has %20 demand of pumice stone and having the most demaned type of it helps improving economy in the region. Due to its location, Nevşehir has a logistic potantial in industry. In Nevşehir there are two Organized Industrial Zones and totally 43 firms are operating and creating an important potential for emploment.